Do You Appliqué?

As I hinted earlier, I'm learning to make some bags. A future project is a big tote bag like this one, but with a monogram on the pocket. (The black square is the pocket.)

My First Tote Bag
I checked some YouTube videos to see how it was done, and kept running into how to use certain brands of fusible interfaces that are sticky on both sides and I don't have such a product around.

Wonder Tape would have to do.

I also thought of looking for letters on Google, but in fact all I had to do was fire up Word, select the letter I liked, make it the size I wanted, print it out, and voilà!

For my first attempt I chose the font Jester.

I printed out a big G.

I cut it out.

I cut a piece of black twill the size of a pocket.

I cut a piece of black and white gingham slightly larger than the letter.

I fused some interfacing (Pellon 809 Decor-Bond) to the back of the gingham.

Using my vanishing pen, I traced the letter, reversed, onto the interfacing.

My Gingham G With The Interfacing

Then I cut it out.

Now I had a nice stiff letter which was also not likely to fray because of the interfacing.

(Is stiffness desirable at this stage? Next time I might try a lighter fusible interfacing.)

In order to position it on the twill, I cut little pieces of Wonder Tape and stuck them strategically on the back of the G. Should have taken a picture of that! Here are the little bits of backing paper:

Little Bits of Wonder Tape Backing Paper

Next time, I might try some hemming tapes that I have in my stash. They have adhesive on both sides.

My Big G Positioned On The Twill

I selected a likely zigzag pattern to practise with. This is the result. Far from perfect, but very encouraging!

What do you think?

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