How To Type The Word "Appliqué" On A Mac

Why am I writing about this? Because when I search for tutorials about appliqués, I sometimes find the word spelled applique. Now, both appliqué and applique are French words, except the first one is pronounced "applikay" and the second one is pronounced "appleek". Eek!

I'm bilingual and so are all my Macs: the desktop as well as my two iPads.

To type the é in appliqué on my iMac, all I have to do is press alt/option and the letter e at the same time. That gives me the acute accent "´". Then I type the letter e again, and it goes and places itself neatly under the accent, and voilà!

My keyboard offers a similar routine for every other French accent.

I could also go to System Preferences and add a French keyboard to the list. I could now switch to a French keyboard by changing the flag icon at the very top of my screen.

My keyboard would then have this configuration, but I'd have to memorize it or print it out, as I did just now by taking a screenshot:

Now, if I want to type that é I have to press that bottom right key. I get É just by using the Shift key. And so on.

I can just keep switching back and forth.

French Keyboard on my iPad

With the iPad, it's different You click on the "globe" symbol:

Every time you click you get a different language, depending on which you have entered yourself. In my case, it's English, French, and Spanish.

This works differently, though. Say I want to type é on the French keyboard. When I type an e, an acute accent appears in place of the apostrophe at the far right, and if I press on it it goes and places itself above the e

To get other accents for the e, I have to leave my finger on the e, then slide my finger up to the one I want.

I'm sure fans of the other operating system have some similar way of getting their French accents.

So, please, appliqué users and teachers, go find the acute accent on your own keyboard!

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